Renault Kerax 440 8X4 Tipper truck


About this vehicle

This white Renault Kerax 8X4 tipper is directly available. This vehicle has a Euro 6 motor. The DTi 13 motor has 440 horse power. This Renault has an automatic AT2613F gear box with 12 gears. The total weight is 48,000 kg. Connected electrical or hydraulic devices receive power from the PTO (Power Take Off) function. A hydraulic set is present. This box truck has a day cab cabin. The Renault Kerax has climate control and cruise control. The driving time and driving speed of the rigid truck are registered by the digital tachograph. Besides the standard halogen lighting this Renault also has flashing lights. The driver's seat is equipped with air suspension for extra comfort.


General specifications

Reference nr 70185428 Brand Renault Type Kerax 440

Cabin Day Cab Driver side Left Mileage (km) 14 km

1st Registration New Color White

Technical specifications

Engine 440 hp Euro 6 Fuel tank capacity 275 liter

Number of tanks Engine type DTi 13 Gearbox Automatic gearbox

PTO Pump PTO Number of gears 12 Gears Tacho Digital

Chassis height 95 cm Vehicle length 921 cm Vehicle width 255 cm

Vehicle height 348 cm

Axles and tyres

Wheelbase (cm) 435 cm Weight 11.040 kg Loading capacity 36.960 kg

Total weight 48.000 kg Rear axle Hubreduction Brand Goodyear

Axle 1

Size 315/80 R22.5 Brakes Disc brakes 

Suspension Spring Brand Goodyear

Axle 2

Size 315/80 R22.5 Brakes Disc brakes 

Suspension Spring Brand Goodyear

Axle 3

Size 315/80 R22.5 Brakes Disc brakes 

Suspension Spring Brand Goodyear

Axle 4

Size 315/80 R22.5 Brakes Disc brakes 

Suspension Spring Brand Goodyear

Spare tyre

Tyre size 315/80 R22.5

Superstructure specifications


Superstructure Tipper Superstructure brand Skibicki

Superstructure material Steel Superstructure construction year 2022

Capacity 18 m3

Superstructure dimensions

Length 535 cm

Width 255 cm

Height 134 cm



☑ PTO ☑ Hydraulic system ☑ AdBlue х Retarder

Cabin interior

☑ A/C ☑ Climate control ☑ Air suspension seat ☑ Radio

Cabin exterior

☑ Flashing beacon ☑ Halogen

Safety options

☑ Cruise Control

Vehicle features

☑ Tipping system

Vehicle type: Tipper Truck

Euronorm: Euro 6

Condition: New

Brand: Renault

Configuration: 8X4

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