Mercedes Atego 1224 4X2 Closed Truck


About this vehicle

This used white Mercedes Atego 4X2. The emission class of this vehicle is Euro 6. The OM 936 motor has 240 horse power. This Mercedes has an automatic G90-6 Powershift gear box with 6 gears. The mileage is 1,967 kilometers. The total weight is 11,990 kg. With 3 fuel tanks this Mercedes is perfect for long distances. This Mercedes Atego has a cabin. The Mercedes has air conditioning and cruise control. Thanks to the parking heater you always keep the cabin at an ideal temperature. The digital tachograph registers the driving time and driving speed of the box truck. A reversing camera is present for extra safety. Besides the standard halogen lighting this Mercedes also has LED daytime running lights. Moreover, this Mercedes has heated seats. The driver's seat is equipped with air suspension for extra comfort.


General specifications

Reference nr 70190554 Brand Mercedes Type Atego 1224

Cabin BigSpace Driver side Left Mileage (km) 1.967 km

1st Registration 20-June-2022 Color White

Technical specifications

Engine 240 hp Euro 6 Number of tanks Engine type OM 936

Gearbox Automatic gearbox Number of gears 6 Gears

Tacho Digital Chassis height 85 cm Vehicle length 990 cm

Vehicle width 255 cm Vehicle height 399 cm

Axles and tyres

Wheelbase (cm) 542 cm Weight 7.695 kg

Loading capacity 4.295 kg Total weight 11.990 kg

Rear axle Single reduction

Axle 1

Size 245/70 R17.5 Brakes Disc brakes

Suspension Spring Brand Michelin

Axle 2

Size 245/70 R17.5 Brakes Disc brakes

Suspension Air

Spare tyre

Tyre size 245/70 R17.5

Superstructure specifications
Superstructure Closed Superstructure brand TarFurgo
Superstructure construction year 2022 Floor material Wood
Throughloading height 293 cm Door aperture width 245 cm 

Tail lift
Type of tail lift DHLM.30 Tail lift brand DHOLLANDIA
Tail lift capacity 2.000 kg Tail lift construction year 2020
Length of plateau (cm) 180 cm

Superstructure dimensions
Length 741 cm
Width 246 cm
Height 294 cm



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☑ Trailer coupling

Cabin interior

☑ A/C ☑ Parking heater ☑ Air suspension seat ☑ Heated seats

☑ Refrigerator ☑ Radio ☑ 1 Bed

Cabin exterior

☑ LED daytime running lights ☑

Safety options

☑ Rear view CAMERA ☑ Telligent lane assist ☑ Cruise Control

Vehicle features

☑ Tail lift


☑ Tie down system ☑ Light sensor ☑ Roof spoiler

Vehicle type: Closed Truck

Euronorm: Euro 6

Condition: New

Brand: Mercedes

Configuration: 4X2

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